Some are Dying

While our politicians and our citizens are fussing, people are dying.  Some are dying fleeing for their lives. Some are dying fighting for their lives.  Some are dying fighting for their faith.  Some are dying out of fear.  Some are dying because of hate.  Some are dying.  Some are dying… while we are quarreling.

I find myself wondering if we’ve become a stiff necked people, unwilling to be pliable and listen to one another with respect, unwilling to recognize that we can be more effective if we listen to one another, unwilling to realize there are at least two sides to every argument and that very likely both can be useful in the solution.

All of this vitriol is not healing, it isn’t helping us find solutions, it isn’t even effective in expressing opinions.  People are dying.  And we are… quarreling?

God’s heart must be broken.  Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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